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Who and What Is The Tantra® Suites ?


​We are privately owned and totally independent. To be quite clear, we personally manage and advertise our very own investment properties for holiday letting (short and long term) and not through the hotel group who are only caretakers. Therefore, you are dealing directly with the actual owners at all times and not a middleman as they say.


What is the process if I bought a Daily Deal promotion from The Tantra® Suites ?



In order to process your booking requests as quickly as possible, we first require your full name that it was purchased in, your voucher code, redemption code, email, your dates of interest (preferably three sets of different dates in the event of high demand and availability), plus your full home address for the suite / apartment room access card to be sent to. If all the listed requirements as stated are not provided prior, this will indeed slow up our response time, as further correspondence will be required. Now since demand is normally very high with specials, we always work hard on replaying to all your emails as fast as we can. For the record, dates are allocated based on first in and first served basis.

Positive Feedback For The Tantra®  Suites


Dear Max,


Just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in organising our accommodation at The Tantra Suites at Ettalong.

We had a wonderful room with magnificent views. The rooms were well appointed, very clean, comfortable & spacious.


It was very easy to book and organise our little getaway through your website. We were very appreciative of your accommodating and helpful attitude. You really went above and beyond what we expected. I would be more than happy to recommend your rooms and service to any of my friends. I also thought the rates were excellent and great value for money.


I will also always find an independent owner and I would be more than happy to write to anyone you want me to in order to support your case.


Thanks Max, we had a great weekend and I spent up big at the markets which was lots of fun. We will contact you again for another booking next time we go up for the weekend.


Kind Regard,

Sharon Meier.


* * * * *


Excellent Value, Excellent Communication, Very Professional!


The apartment was as detailed on the website with no hidden agendas, with lovely all round views of the beach and hinterland, giving the room a nice all round balance. Now being on the outer rim of the resort, allowed the apartment to be close to the pool without being troubled by any noise coming from other pool guests.


The use of the memorial club under the resort was also a bonus, with great food and entertainment. It was just a short stroll to the local ferry wharf, that operates to and from Palm Beach, which was perfect. You can even watch your visitors disembarking straight from your very own balcony.


All in all, really great value and good competitive price. Thoroughly recommended and we are more than looking forward to our next stay.

PS: This positive feedback was posted online via a third party website being Total Travel on: 26/02/2010 at 1:16 PM!

* * * * *

Dear Shannon,


We have spoken with the reception staff at the Ettalong Beach Resort and they have provided us with positive references for your properties!


Many thanks for your prompt and informative replies, you have been exceptionally helpful and I thank you for your time as always.

Kindest Regards,
Terri Wright.

PS: This positive feedback / reference or reassurance (from Ettalong Beach Resort), was addressed directly to this future guest at that moment in time, which was at the end of April, with a confirmed stay being for mid May of 2010!

* * * * *

Dear Shannon,


 Just a quick email to Thank You for having me stay at your lovely unit. Our stay was lovely.


All the happiness for Christmas and all the best for the new year.

Diem Tran.

PS: This positive feedback was sent directly to the owner via our email ( on: 28/11/2011 at 11:26 AM!

* * * * *

Dear Max and Shannon,


A quick note to say thank you for the booking. We had a wonderful time, albeit not long enough! Needless to say, we are aware of your premises now for future bookings. I work in the IT field and seldom get lengthy holidays. So coming to the Ettalong Beach Resort with the family for short stays are very relaxing, not to mention your very reasonable rates. You have a lovely place and thank you once again.

Cheers Chitran and Dilee.

PS: This positive feedback was sent directly to the owner via our email ( on: 06/07/2012 at 11:45 AM!

* * * * *

Hi Shannon,


My family and I enjoyed our weekend in your unit at the Ettalong Beach Resort! The unit was very comfortable, clean and well equipped. Thank you very much.

Cheryll Villarosa.

PS: This positive feedback was sent directly to the owner via our email ( on: 11/03/2013 at 11:35 PM!

* * * * *

Mary Gardner


The owner was very obliging, helpful and made our stay very easy.

PS: This positive feedback was posted online via a third party website being Living Social on: 29/10/2013 at 9:02 PM!

* * * * *


Hi Shannon,


Back from our 2 night stay at The Tantra Suites, very nice and relaxing.

Paul Dukinfield.


PS: This positive feedback was sent directly to The Tantra Suites owner via our email ( on: 07/11/2013 at 1:23 PM!


* * * * *


We had a great time in Ettalong and would love to be able to do this again.

PS: This positive feedback was sent directly to The Tantra Suites owner via our email ( on: 16/12/2013 at 7:45 pm!


Gisele Stephen.


* * * * *


What a truly great and relaxing escape from the metropolitan lifestyle that we are so use to. Both my husband I absolutely loved our time at the Ettalong Beach Resort, particularly the time taken out by the owners (Shannon and Maxwell) to show us around the local area. Our oldest son originally bought a promotional deal from one of those daily deal companies which was well over half price, though we would of happily paid more. Now if your needing any accommodation in or around Ettalong or even the Central Coast, we highly recommend this property. We plan on coming back very soon. Thank You Tantra.


Narelle McQuade.


* * * * *


My stay with The Tantra Suites at Ettalong Beach Resort was truly a fantastic and beautiful experience. It is a beachside destination that I dreamed about for so long when planning to visit Australia (from Argentina). The walks while listening to the rolling waves on the beaches from Ettalong and Umina, plus right over to the soft sands of Killcare and the very scenic trekking through the national parks to Macmasters / Copacabana, is something I will never ever forget. A must do for all travellers to the Central Coast. I thoroughly recommend The Tantra Suites, especially as you are dealing with the owners directly as well.


Gabriela Medina.


* * * * *


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Full Copy Of Our Auto-Reply Email Message & Appears In Brief Form On All Enquiries


Thank You for contacting The Tantra Suites and Apartments at Ettalong Beach Resort (Central Coast of NSW, Australia). We really do appreciate your enquiry and current interest, and look forward to seeing you here at the scenic local peninsula very soon.

For the record, we are privately and independently owned, and are closed over the weekends. Our current hours of operation is from 9am to 5pm Sydney, Australia time (GMT+10) and from Monday to Friday inclusive.

Note: We prioritise all emails as they have been received, so please kindly do not leave multiple messages, especially via different email addresses and/or by other contact methods (including the website form, social media and 3rd party advertising sites). This will only slow up our response time. Rest assure though, your email has indeed been received and noted, and we will endeavour to attend to it accordingly.

PS: Regarding any national promotional deals, please be sure to fully include on one email, your full name, contactable phone numbers, physical land address (for delivery of the electronic room card and for verification purposes) and most importantly, the original PDF voucher only (no scans, photocopies, screen-shots or copy and paste text). This can simply be obtained from within your accounts page (we do not have access to it, or any link that is maybe provided).

Now to avoid any such confusion, please be sure to correspond with your name exactly as seen on the voucher at all times, and we do insist that the respected name on the voucher contacts us directly for security reasons and in order to proceed with any requests.

Also, please refer to the promo Terms and Conditions for your reference, our website FAQ section, and allow up to 72 hours for a response during this time of high demand that is normally experienced for such limited specials.

Important: All dates that are said to be available, are indeed correct at the time and are subject to change without any prior notice due to ongoing demand, including and not limited to, payment clearance among others. Please note, all bookings are only confirmed once it has been allocated to you and an email will simply read as "Confirmation Of Payment / Booking Reservation", will be sent! Now any correspondence saying congratulations on your promo purchase, contact details received and/or the PDF voucher, is in no way a confirmed booking, but simply to acknowledge that we have received your email, and are in receipt of the required information. It therefore in no way means to proceed with the necessary arrangements for a holiday / stay, or to arrive at the resort, until you indeed have our official confirmation as per stated here. So please kindly do not make any assumptions or to view it in any other way. We will not be liable for any cost that may arise from your misunderstanding. If you are still not sure and in doubt, please contact us directly first.


FYI: We are the first business to accept Bitcoin (decentralized digital currency) as a payment method on the local peninsula, in which I'm (Shannon Ainsworth) currently a Bitcoin Foundation Annual Member. So save 25% on your next stay. We use and recommend Australian company CoinJar ( Now for more information on Bitcoin, the innovative payment network and a new kind of money, please visit :)


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